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After buying an iPad 3G, do I need iPhone 4?


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I currently have an iPad 3G 16GB which I'm using day and night, at home and on the train to work in London.

I'm tempted to go for an iPhone 4. I already have an iPhone 3GS.

Do I really need iPhone 4?

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I barely use my 3G anymore since I got my iPad and I use it in much the same way as you do. Since I bough my iPhone on PAYG I'm just going to keep it until it breaks as it does everything I need for occasions when I don't have / want to get the iPad out. Just not worth the additional spend plus tying myself into a contract for a few extra features, most of which will come to the iPad in a few months anyway. But that's just my opinion.


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I still cant decide, I'm 50/50 whether to get the new iphone or not. My plan was to sell my 3gs and get the new iphone but I bought an ipad instead :). I use my ipad all the time at home and I cant see me using the iphone much if I bought it. At work I cant get a good reception as I'm in a basement so I never used my iphone much at work. It does look good but I cant see me using it much.


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Yes of course you need one, you will be a social leper in a couple of months without one. Also you should have been on your computer first thing this morning like the rest of us trying to get one. What is wrong with you :D


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I've gone for one. I know I'm going to use it, go back to my iPad, and be like "my iPad needs a retina display!", so I then update iPad next year, update iPhone afterwards, and so the cycle continues :suicide:

I'm a gadget whore, I don't smoke, I don't do drugs so that's how I justify my expensive habit :rotfl:

I got an iPad beginning of May, getting a 32gb iPhone 4 next week, probably getting a 2 bay NAS the week after, and then wanting a new 360 in July. Thankfully my girlfriend is very understanding of my addiction and is happy if she gets some new curtains and shoes every so often :D


2 minds here, I always feel I need to have the latest, greatest and most hi spec when it comes to Apple so see it almost as a duty to get 32gb iPhone 4 BUT in the cold light of day I know in reality I would never use it

I would never use net on iPhone 4 as screen is tiny compared with iPad, I would not use YouTube an iPod as both are amazing on iPad and the only person I ever text is the missus.

The reason I got the iPhone 3GS (now sold) was to use for commuting and amusing myself in hotel rooms and the iPad takes care of both x100 now so there is no logical reason for me to get other tha brand loyalty


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Lol in the same boat-ish
weighing up wether to stick to 3gs and get an ipad or as I know will happen I'll get an ipad and an ip4
ipad is definately my next purchase after all the love you're all giving it and hopefully that will give me my fill till iphone5 and ipad 2 aaargh the addiction


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I currently have an iPad 3G 16GB which I'm using day and night, at home and on the train to work in London.

I'm tempted to go for an iPhone 4. I already have an iPhone 3GS.

Do I really need iPhone 4?

You probably don't :(

But you probably will:smashin:

tony kop77

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I have a 16GB 3G Iphone and will buy the new one and an ipad because there will be times when it is not possible for me to surf the net, video recording might come in handy sometimes, a lot of the updates wont work on my 3G iphone and I like my gadgets :D


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I've got a 3G iphone which I've been holding onto until the 4G comes out. Mrs. G66 now has a wifi iPad and a 4G iphone on order. My thinking:

- I want a wifi 3G ipad BAD. The big fricking PITA is the absence of the Apple case in shops ATM (I'm a fan of it; it's Marmite, I know).
- I'm still on the fence over a 4G. I've been trying to think: what does it offer that the iPad doesn't? Phone calls (obv), texts (ditto). Camera, but much more importantly HD video, which I think I'd use a lot more than I've ever used the camera. And most pathetically, FaceTime. If only to give Mrs G66 someone to have FaceTime with.

Apple. The company that makes you realise you *need* things that you really don't.

[email protected]

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I was all set to go for the new iPhone but a hefty car repair bill last week has scuppered those plans. This means that I'll be keeping my 3GS in the meantime, but now that I've thought about it I'm not that bothered. The 3GS still feels like a fast phone to me, and it will have the same OS as the new one next week when the upgrade is released. High res display and better camera are nice, as is the slimmer form factor, but not £600 nice. I may be able to wrangle one through work but if not I can wait for the iphone 5 :)


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I think the new design is superb and much better than the previous models!

Deliberately got 24 month contract on the 3GS as new I would want to upgrade early like I did between the 3G and 3GS. That cost me a duplicate contract for 6 months! Swore would never do it again. Then added a 12 month lower contract for the missus on the 3G in case I got tempted!

After getting the iPad though, I would not have upgraded to the 4G for sure, despite being an Apple Geek! The iPad just rocks!


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Well I love my iPhone & have been chomping at the bit to get the 4. However I've got an iPad now & even though I love getting a shiney new toy I have to admit I'm longer using my iPhone for browsing.
I still want a shiney new iPhone but I think that for once I might be sensible & not get one


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I'm just battling with demons in me since I came to work this morning. Do I need an iPhone 4 or not?

My office is 10 minutes to Apple Store, Regent Street.

I love the iPad and it does everything for me. I still have my iPhone 3GS, but I want this iPhone 4 just for the fun of it or what?


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but I want this iPhone 4 just for the fun of it or what?
As it would seem the iPhone 4 has some major issues (like making a phone call) fun is the last thing you'll have if you get one :laugh:


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The iPad is great but i will be getting the 4 when it sorted. Reason being is that if you are out and about and want to check your mail or go online chances are you won't slip your iPad out of your jeans pocket to do it.

Also when in meetings it looks a little more obvious that you are surfing the Internet with an iPad on your knee :D


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i got the ipad a week or so after release... since then i have barely used my iPhone...still got tempted though and bought one lol. to be honest its a great bit of kit... why they didnt include facetime in the iPad is a shocker though!!

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