AffordableAV receiver compatible with Xbox series X and G1 OLED


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I am interested in buying a Dolby atmos system for my new LG 77 inch G1 and Xbox series X.

Seems that av receiver + 5.2 speaker will result in better experience than soundbar system like Sonos ARC/sub/play1s.

I don’t really need an AV receiver for anything else. I use the apps on the TV itself to watch streaming services.

I need to either directly connect Xbox series x to TV and then use eARC out from tv to connect to AV Receiver OR buy an AV receiver with hdmi 2.1 that allows for 4k120fps pass through in order to maintain the highest video quality.

I understand that there is an bug/issue with Xbox series X when connecting through eARC, so wondering what folks recommend when building this system from scratch to avoid any bugs/known issues.

Honestly it seems like an AV receiver is such a waste of money since I don’t need it for anything other than powering the speaker (I have Sonos for
Music, don’t need to connect anything to it, etc) but I suppose I have to get one. Wondering what folks recommend

I guess you need to decide if you want to go down the Sonos route or the AVR/Speaker route for this.

I have a Sonos system in my lounge - Sonos Beam / Sub 3 / 2 x play 1's and it sounds pretty decent but also when you add up what it cost you could have a very nice separates system that'd quite easily out perform the Sonos but just not as nice looking/user friendly hence my choice for having it in the lounge.

Whats your actual budget and what speakers are you looking at...?


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I don’t really have a budget per se but don’t want to go too crazy. And I am starting this process so have no idea what speakers to get.
I think for my set up the 5.1.4 Dolby atmos separates will actually look and sound better so I am
Leaning towards that.

Mostly I am trying to figure out the best option for AV receiver given that I only will use the streaming apps from the TV itself + Xbox series x (that uses 4k120 and VRR). Seems like best option is direct connection and then using eARC to the TV but not sure if that causes an audio lag with some receivers I’ve seen a lot of reports of that online.

Im willing to spend money on speakers but I think I just need the cheapest av receiver with my baseline requirements (either eARC or 4k120 pass-through) since I’m not really using the av receiver To do anything other than power the speakers


A nine channel AV amp isn't going to be cheap. The first model in the Denon line up is the X3700, which with the addition of an external power amp, is capable of a full 7.1.4 speaker layout. Your cheapest Atmos option would be the Denon X1700 although this is only capable of a maximum of 5.1.2 but does give you two HDMI 2.1 connections.

If ditching the Sonos then the AV amp will be required to decode and amp Dolby Digital 5.1 signals be they HD or SD quality. Streaming apps on the TV will have a maximum of Dolby DIgital Plus 5.1 SD and any associated Atmos metadata. That would require eARC output if going to use the TV as a HDMI hub. However the XBox would be far better off directly connected to the AV amp which would give you HD audio of Dolby TrueHD and Atmos. It would also be the better connection with regard to lip sync.


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Thanks. As a follow up, then you are implying that running Xbox straight to AVR is best so, Is there a substantive difference in audio quality or other benefit from buying an Apple TV 4K for the purpose of having it run straight to the AVR and then the TV instead of watching streaming apps from the TV and sending audio to the AVR via eARC?


For using the AV amp as the HDMI hub then certainly benefits over using the TV. LG no longer support DTS so if you play a disc on the XBox and it has a DTS-HD Master Audio track you're going to lose that format. It then depends if the disc also has a Dolby TrueHD one.

You will certainly have more control of lip sync. As for eARC that can still be used for the TVs Apps as it's just the one HDMI lead that is needed.

I have all my inputs going direct to my Denon amp. Quick select buttons on the remote makes changing between inputs very easy indeed.

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