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Aeriel query - Before and after DSO


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my neighbour and i have just bought the sony32ex403 each, it's got built in freeview hd. I set hers up for her and found that every channel including the 3 hd ones tuned in perfectly from her 30 year old ariel! Does this mean that she won't have to upgrade her ariel when the switchover happens? ( by the way, all i got was about 5 channels tuned in, the rest said no signal/no video, so i'm definately going to need a modern ariel).


If a TV aerial works now then there is a very good chance it will work after DSO. In a few areas there is a chance that the frequencies used may change and therefore a different band aerial may be required, but that is the exception rather than the rule.



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There is a pretty near a 100% chance that if your aerial works now that post dso it will continue to work post dso. It's true that a very very few transmitters require a different aerial group post dso but the number of aerial changes required will be minute because

1 Most people will have wideband aerials anyway and

2 Transmitters changing aerial groups will have so much extra power that the few channels out of group will work fine anyway.

The age of the aerial is irrevelant if it's properly installed and the connections are free of water ingress there is no difference in the aerial required for analogue or digital reception.


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Happy days! Thanks for that guys, by the way i can now get hd and the other "missing" channels on my set, all i did was reconfigure my arial/flylead connections around and voila!

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