aerial/tv distribution where to start??


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hi guys

finally getting around to sorting out multi room tv distribution.

i live in 3 storey house and want to put tv points throughout the house (i.e in 6/8 roooms with option to expand).The builders left me with 2 tv points on the 2nd floor and 3rd floor with aerial on roof, which is i presume bog standard.

i would rather start again from scratch and am looking for advice from the forum as to what my options are and how best to proceed

Your thoughts/ advice/suggestions most appreciated




Global make a 8 way loft box it has inputs for SKY (so you can Sky TV link to EVERY room!, TV aerial, FM/Dab aerial and CCTV

You then can have single or twin output plates in every room so you can have TV /the same Sky channel as the main box and FM/DAB and CCTV camera picture in every room!

See here or letsautomate as suggested (which i have found very good)

I would print out all the info you think you need with prices.
Then i would call a good specialist such as a member of CAI (confederation of aerial installers) which you can find here and discuss what you want.

I would spec that the aerial cable be at least CT100 for ALL aerial cables not just for SKY (if you want sky).

Expect to pay at least £30-£40 per man per hour to fit this type of system often the largest cost of this type of installation. You could do it yourself but a professional with make sure all the levels are spot on.

As you can see below they also make a nifty master plate that goes behind your sky box which everything neatly plugs in to

you can also link loftboxes so you can expand but i would start with a 8 way (only about £100 ish )


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thanks guys for your input much appreciated:clap:

a couple of questions though

the lets automate site mentions two telephone jacks on the master switch wall plate how does this connect up to your landline

it also mentions an RJ45 insert what exactly is this and what additional features will it add?

finally somebody is trying to steer me in the direction of a matrix switcher, it sounds complicated and expensive does anybody use these in domestic installations and are they worth the extra money??

thanks again


The phone parts are modular so you can have one for your sky box and one for say your PC or Xbox etc or you could change it for a RJ45 for CAT 5 etc

matrix switchers offer potentially much better ways of sending video and audio signals around the house BUT is that what you need most people have one main room for dedicated listening and watching and then want to watch Sky and ordinary TV in all other rooms on a standard TV .

The system I suggested is the cheapest I know that works very easily and simply .Matrix switchers are very good in certain applications BUT can be Far, far more expensive and far harder to operate unless you spend even more. Also at every point you would normally have far more expensive equipment than say a tele-video in the kids bedroom or just a portable in the kitchen .If that’s all you will be using it hardly seems worth while spending that sort of cash. I would still install the suggested system even if I was installing matrix switchers.

The other route is obviously wireless video senders but again they are not always an ideal solution.

If you ever move anyone will understand standard coax sockets but dedicated connections and multiple wires hanging out of your walls can be both a selling point AND a reason NOT to buy unless it’s installed professionally (this will cost significantly more than a RF installation)with proper as build drawings.

Hope any of this helps


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thanks guys

If that’s all you will be using it hardly seems worth while spending that sort of cash. I would still install the suggested system even if I was installing matrix switchers.

yeah i think your right on this they seem to be very expensive and complicated and i dont think you gain much by installing them.

is the loftbox the only option of this type?


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Unsure why anyone would suggest using a Matrix switcher to distribute an RF signal around your house - maybe they just have shed loads of cash to burn.

Matrix switchers have many applications and whilst 'expensive' they do a job that only a Matrix can do - and one of them is not RF distribution.

As long as your have a TV tuner in each room and are happy with the quality you get via RF then the products you are already considering will do a great job - I'd throw 'Channel Plus' into the mix of possible solutions.

If viewing RF signals is not ideal in every room then you may have to consider an alternative solution to distribute Composite, S-Video, YUV or even RGB around your house.

One 'issue' you do need to consider with the all of these systems being when you start to introduce 'local' sources into the mix (Digibox, DVD, VCR etc) - its easy enough to control multiple IR devices from any room but how will you manage who's in charge of the remote.

You may want to consider a second Digibox that's only available in certain rooms -

Digibox 01. Main TV and Master Bedroom
Digibox 02. Whole House TV

Hopefully then you don't have fights over who's watching which program.

Best regards



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hi again guys

just trying to source the materials for this project and have run into problems with coaxial cable

CT125 appears to be the best cable for this application this i can not get without having to wait a week or two

my local electrical distributor recommends using RG6 cable which according to him is pretty much the same.

CT100 can be sourced and maybe this will be sufficent for my requirements as another distributor told me that CT125 is only used where there are long runs

another distributor has QF100 cable which he says is 100 ohm and basically the same as CT100


My question is can someone please explain the difference between these cables particularly CT125 versus RG6 and point me in the right direction as my window of opportunity for getting this cable in is quickly running out

thanks guys


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The 'CT' prefix is a brand name of Raydex... 100 refers to 1mm centre conductor diameter, 125 being 1.25mm... Generally CT100 is refered to as RG6, CT125 would be RG11... I would stick with RG6 unless you're planning any really long runs (50m+) as the cable and plugs are much easier to work with IMO... There are many variations out there so make sure you ask for double screened 'digital satellite grade' cable...


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thanks guys for the replies

one more question, does anybody know if you can power feed a mast head amp off the loftbox?


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If you're thinking of going down the Sky +, you need to make sure your aerial box can handle it, there avre very few that can.
I got one from CPC which has an add on SKy + box.



Televes make a product called the Attic Box which is designed for Sky+. It feeds the required 2 IF feeds to a double wall plate behind the main TV (which also contains a phone socket). The output from the Sky+ box is fed back up one of the cables to the AtticBox for distribution around the home.

You can also choose to hook up the 2 spare IF feeds from your LNB and then feed them to two other rooms which can then have dedicated Sky receiver boxes.

Have a look here:

There are some spec sheets that you can download which give wiring info.

On the cable front, you need to be looking for an RG6/CT100 type cable (unless you are doing ridiculously long runs, or very weak signals) with a foam di-electric. Most co-ax cable, even those 'approved' by Sky, use air-spaced di-electrics, which are generally naff. They are very prone to damage as they are installed. Look at the Televes co-ax, or Webro WF100. Hirschmann Koka 799 is also very good as well. You generally won't find these cables down your local B&Q though!


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hi simon

the televes stuff looks good

any ideas as to cost and do you know of any online sites that sell this equipment



I am wiring up my house it is a 4 bedroom house I have cable TV, Sky digital and SKY + as well as my normal TV Arial can you please advise me what would be the best way of wiring up my house and advise me as to what equipment I would need. I also have an AV room which I am about to spend 20K on so I don’t went to lose quality.

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