Aerial split signal question


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I have currenty moved into a house whereby the orignal owners have split the single coax cable from the aerial into two feeds using a plastic splitter.

The signal to the TV in the bedroom is not great.

Rather that running a new lead can i unplug the main feed from the splitter and connect to the one to the bedroom only? Will this improve the picture as the cable has been cut?

I don't need one for the living room as i have Telewest.

Thanks chaps / chapettes :smashin:

Chris Muriel

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Yes, that should give you about double the signal to the bedroom. You just need a male-to-male barrel connector.

Chris Muriel, Manchester


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Chris, thanks for the response. I think the splitter has 1 male and two female connections therefore i should be able to connect the two ends together.

I bet they are the same diameter..... dame i better go to maplins just in case.


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