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I have the option of 2 transmitters where I live, Heathfield ( primary H ) and Hasting ( slave V ). My aerial currently gets it's signal from Hastings but plenty of houses nearby point to Heathfield. My dim questions is as follows:
Would there be any benefit in having an aerial pointing at both transmitters and joining co-ax cables just before they go into the amplifier/splitter box in the loft? Would this improve the overall signal strength/quality. Digital TV via aerial is not 'officially' available round my way at the moment but both transmitters are broadcasting albeit at a low level. Reception is very much hit-and-miss




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That would just increase your problems because you would have double signals on the same frequency, You would be better off leaving it and getting a signal booster :thumbsup: ps I see you already use a booster so there is little else you can do :(

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Given equal signal strengths between two transmitters, it is always better to receive from a main station, as it will have reserve equipment and engineers will attend quicker in the event of a fault. :lesson:

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