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I have just bought a new house and cannot get Freeview in one of the rooms.

All the rooms have aerial connections which all feed back to a splitter in the loft. The splitter takes the direct connection from the aerial and has 8 TV outputs. All the other ports work except the one in the living room.

I know that there was a problem due to a construction site interfering with the signal and, in the living room, Sky TV was retrofitted. The sat connections come down from the roof outside and straight into the living room. Where the sat cables come in there is a Triax 304114 face plate with 2 sat outputs, a tv and radio output and a tv return and a phone connection. The TV function has never worked from this faceplate but all the other TV's do work.

The only other point of interest is there are two aerial cables in the loft next to the splitter that match all the others but instead of being connected to the splitter they are connected together using f-type connectors.

I have tried disconnecting the two 2 cables connected together with f connectors and fitting with standard tv connectors and plugging them into the splitter but the tv still didn't work. I have also tried removing the faceplate and connecting directly to the return cable but it still doesn't find any channels.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what is wrong and when was done back when the sky was fitted that has stopped the aerial working now.

Any help would be appreciated.



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Sounds to me like the two feeds from the satellite LNB go to 1) the filtered splitter (Sat/TV/FM) and 2) Sat 2 which is why no TV gets received.

You need to unscrew the Triax wallplate and see what is connected behind it. If possible trace the cables from it back to their source.

There is usually a place where the Sat + TV aerial feed (+FM & DAB if required) are combined in a unit... e.g.
But it sounds like this has not been installed?

It may well be that the two cables joined are 1) from LNB and 2) on down to the Sat1/TV/FM connection of the wallplate. You'd need to work out which is which and then you could fit one of these (other brands are available) to get the Sat1 and TV working (feeding the TV input from the splitter.

If there is a connected Return cable then you ideally need to find where that goes... it would be expected to appear in the loft for onward distribution to other sets from a $ky box RF out. But it may just feed to one other location (a bedroom or kitchen, say). It may not matter at all though if you can get a TV feed to the main lounge?

{Hint: It's often possible to use a multimeter and a shorting link to identify cables.}

Would I be correct in stating that the splitter is a powered (amplified) one? Not that many locations can manage an 8-way passive split and be OK on signal level.


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So you've removed the faceplate and verified it's actually wired up that end?

Why were you connecting to the return cable and not the main TV cable?
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