Aerial Install price. Does it sound right?



Not sure if this is the right forum to ask :confused:

I've been quoted £250 inc. for
1. Installation of a high gain aerial with 10ft mast and cables.
2. I already have the capability (all cables in place) to distributing sky to all rooms but I'm not sure how the things should be cabled together ( something called a loop back system!) so they will sort that out too.

I'm based in the Midlands. Does that sound right?



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That's sounds a bit steep! Does that include the aerial?

I had a regular (i.e. sh*t) aerial installed on an 8ft pole on my chimney and it was about £90 (from memory) inc the aerial.



sounds a bit pricey. its about £125 for a normal ariel. i think i was quoted about £150ish for the "better" ariel that would stop ghosting, but the normal one was fine for freeview. i'm top floor so easy install comparatively. 10 foot seems pretty high, so the rod/stick thing might be expensive to withstand the weather. the extra £100 might be for the bits and bobs to send the signal around rooms. i just got my guy to wire two seperate wires to the bedroom and living room, drilled just under the window in both rooms, with a trailing cable (thats how i wanted it)

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