Aerial in to Sky Dish?


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Hi Folks,

Just moved in to a new house, and from what I can tell, it seems to have a bit of a strange set up; Namely from what I can tell, the TV aerial on the roof, is connected up to the Sky Satellite dish (it goes in to the LMB in the same way the sky->sky reciever cable comes out of it).

I can't for the life of me work out why it would do this (I thought the tv aeiral would be completely seperate). Can any bright folks enlighten me or offer advice - there's only one sky cable that comes in to the house, and the TV is only able to tune in to SKY, not terrestrial, so I cannot see the point of this?

Thanks in advance! :)


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I think that you need to take a closer look at where the cables go and where they are actually connected.

Second TV sets can't tune to Sky. They can ony tune to terrestrial or go via a Set Top Box.

BTW it's LNB.


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its possible that the tv aerial will combine in with the lnb and then you should use a tv/sat socket(di plexed) at the other end as there are lnb s that work like this


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Thanks for your replies;

Beerhunter - I've had a thorough check, and though I have no answer as to why it's connected so (or even if it's actually doing anything), the TV aerial definately is feeding in to the LNB of the Sky satellite dish. There are then two other cables that feed out of it - one in to the living room (and into our Sky receiver), the other must go in to an upstairs room, as there is another Sky cable there (unused).

Hog - thanks, I'll read up on that possibility. What I also might try (though don't really expect it to work), is to feed an RF cable from the RF out of my Sky box, to the RF in on my TV, to see if it picks up any terrestrial signals that way.

..The joys of moving house, then trying to fathom how everything works there - don't get me started on the convoluted central heating system!

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