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Currently have a philex high gain wide band (27884D) in the attic but i in tend to put it on the end of the house to get it out of the attic, but not sure if this is the best aerial for me as wolfbane seems to suggest group E high gain. The picture just now is not that great but could be down to the mish mash of coax in the attic. Right to the point.
1 should i put this aerial up as i have it and see how it goes or bin it for a specific group E and if so which one.

2 I am re running all the coax using webro wf100 as i have 100m drum of it. Thought i read somewhere you should have all the runs the same length, due to something that escapes me just now, but that would use alot of cable. Is the cable ok and have you heard of this keeping the runs the same length.

3 i want to send the signal to up to 6 outlets but only 3 will be used initially. Can you recommend an attic distribution box and do you need to put anything in the outlets that are not connected to a tv. I will put a 240v supply in the attic for the box.

4 where can i find and what diameter pole should i be getting.

5 am i missing anything.

6 cheers for any help you can give

gear and info i have so far, you can see when i used post code and co-ordinates the wolfbane info changed.




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The Philex aerial should give good reception outdoors but I notice there's no gain specified. I'll guess it's around 12dBd. Unfortunately, this aerial is weak and easily broken by large pigeons! Round here they all have at least one reflector element broken off. I guess you get what you pay for. I'm not a great fan of Philex products. I can't tell from the picture what diameter mast the aerial will take but it must be at least 1.5 inches, otherwise it will bend under wind load.

Cable length shouldn't matter. WF100 is perfect (but not very flexible so make large radius curves when looping into a wall plate or whatever).

I recommend the Triax Loft Box as the most versatile if you want Sky Plus etc. If you don't want Sky at all (or radio) then a Loft Box is pointless. Just use a distribution amplifier or a low-noise masthead amplifier if you want nothing but terrestrial TV.

SatCure stocks everything you need, including 75 Ohm thingies to go in unused outlets.

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