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Hi all,

New member and hoping you can help with your combined wisdom!

My nan has recently acquired a Sony HCD-NE5 hifi, which will mainly be used to listen to FM radio. It didn't come with an FM aerial so I ordered one off Amazon which looked like it would fit.

The connection on the back of the hifi appears to be a female coax, and the part I ordered had 3 interchangeable fittings, one being a male coax - see pics attached:




Unfortunately it doesn't seem to fit - the male fitting is exactly the same diameter as the female fitting on the radio, so they don't connect.

I had no idea there were different sizes, unless I've just been unlucky on Amazon.

Is anyone able to advise of an adaptor I can use to make this work, or alternatively the name/size of the connection I need to be searching for?

Any/all advice much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!


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The one you bought should have been the correct size. Either your new one or the socket on the back of the Sony was manufactured out of tolerance (it's unlikely to be the Sony that's wrong).

I'd send the one you bought back to Amazon for a refund and try this 75 ohm alternative from Amazon instead:
Amazon product


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