Aerial cable and LCD advice please!


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I don't know if anyone is in the same position and has the same setup as me, but any help would be gratefully received!

I'm planning to put my new LCD (Tosh 26WL36) in the bedroom but there is no aerial socket. At the moment I've got a basic £15 Argos job aerial in the loft using some kind of cable (haven't looked down the wall) to a socket on the wall in one room, then I've got a basic Argos (again I know!) 15m extension aerial cable from the wall socket into the room to plug into the Freeview box. Not the most ideal situation I know..

If I put the TV and Freeview box basically next to the aerial socket on the wall I get on average about 30% signal strength. If I have the TV and FV box in the bedroom I get on average a 20% strength, so there must be lots lost in the cheap aerial wire!

Basically, I need advice on what wire to run from the wall socket (I have to keep sockets - missus won't let me have straight run through the wall :( ) - I know 12m is not ideal at all but it's the only way it can go. Also, would an upgrade of the loft aerial give far better signal? According to the freeview site I don't live in a covered area, but the picture is ok with very few breakups (even at 20-30% signal strength).

Any help would be greatfully appreciated!


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i got a local aerial firm in to install a new arial on the roof, he plumbed it in to my feed from the loft arial, 85% signal strength now on freeview, then I connected the lcd tv in the bedroon to the old arial in the loft and it works fine, suggest you ask 3 or 4 for a quote and ask them to install sockets, get the job done by professionals, costs more but it is worth it
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