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I am planning on having my current aerial replaced and would like a bit of advice as I am totally clueless about the whole subject.

According to the Wolfbane site I am on the Winter Hill transmitter (20 miles away) and I need an amplified extra hi-gain aerial. I gather that WC100 is a decent type of cable to go for. I assume an aerial installer would know what to get? If I end up buying the stuff myself, what aerial would people suggest? It is going on the roof and not in the loft.

I have 2 televisions that I would like to connect to the aerial. Can you get aerials with 2 outputs or do I need a separate splitter? If I need a splitter, do I need to get one with a built in amplifier? Again, any suggestions of what to get would be great.

Thanks in advance.


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The problem with asking questions like this is that it is soooooooo dependent on the exact conditions that exist exactly where you are as to be virtually impossible for anyone to advise.

You should get a CAI registered aerial installer to do this for you. It may well save money and grief in the long run.


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My friend lives further from Winter Hill than you and he gets perfect Freeview reception with a QR18 Triax aerial and a masthead amplifier with four outputs. The aerial is mounted on a pole attached to the highest point of the gable end. I can't promise this will work for you but I'd be surprised if it didn't.

Yes to the WC100 cable.

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