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Apr 15, 2007
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Hi, new to the forums, and have read up on the subject before posting but still was unable to find any answers. so thought i would post my own problem.

I have purchased the aei digisender gold (lastest one with the new slim line 4 input remote) and have been able to get the picture onto the 2nd telle, but am unable to change the channel with the silver remote.

The tw/virgin box is a pace di1000t with the silver remote which is IRDA aparently, which the digisender can handle occordinging to the manual and website.

I have read that there has been a few people that have got it working, but i am struggling, is there anyone out there that has the same model and has been able to get it working, if so how?

any help or input is much appriecated
Hello , I haven't got the Digisender Gold but the middle one that had 2 scart outputs and to be honest my sucess with it has been hit and miss. First the remote sensor needs to be close to the IR sensor, something that's not too practical with trying to control many devices. Second, mine has 4 channels each for Picture output and Remote control respectively, but with so many devices "wireless" nowdays (Broadband routers, headphones, PS3's,etc) even 4 channels is insuficient. What i have found recently is that the picture is fine but the remote works intermittantly, not bad if you're watching one program but useless if you want to flick !! Maybe it's because I live in a block of flats that has very thick walls and at last count 3 of them with wireless networks.

When it works it's excellent, but be prepared to take it back if it doesn't.

thanks for the reply

had another fiddle with it earlier, and managed to get the dvd to work with the remote, albeit intermittetnly.
think ill have another go, pull some more hair out and take it back if still no good

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