Aego T subwoofer not working


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I was playing around with some of my settings this evening and noticed that my subwofer does not produce any sound. i have it connected to a onkyo 705 amp.

i dont know how long its been out of action for as i dont tend to use it that loud.

when its switched to the off position i get a red light (standby light most probably) but then when its switched to the on position there is no light what so ever and no sound.

i am completey stumped as to whats happened.

any thoughts


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Is "on", auto on?

If so maybe you should try turning it up for a few seconds, as it sounds like it might not be getting enough oomph to make it kick in.


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just tried that and there is no green light on when its set to on or auto (it has 3 settings - on, auto and off).

i recall that it goes green when it picks up a signal.

i have noticed that when i pull the power plug out of the socket i get a sort of whoomp noise from the subwoofer when the plug is put back in but apart from that nothing

i have tried a different lead but still no joy. could it be possible that the subwoofer is working but that my amp is broken ie not sending out a signal from the subwoofer port (and yes its plugged into the correct output on the onyko 705). when sending out a test tone there is no sound whatsoever from the subwoofer and i have run an autocalibration and the amp is saying that it does no detect a subwoofer.

how can i test to see whether its the subwoofer or the amp that is broken. the amp is only around 5 months old and seems fine in all other respects. if the subwofer is broken how much are these things to fix anyway.

i did have a crisis a few weeks ago when i found that my dog had chewed the wire going to my rear speaker - however the amp was on standby and there did not seem to be any problems with the system after that incident
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If it's making a whoomp, I very much doubt it's the sub.

The calibration saying it doesn't see a sub is a bit of a worry.

Are you absolutely 100% sure it's in the right socket or indeed even plugged in? (I'm thinking the dog, here).

It's extremely rare for a sub output to fail though. I've never heard of it, put it that way.


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its making a noise when i plug it in anyway.

its all correctly plugged in and there are no breaks in the cable.

i assume the set up would not find the subwoofer if the subwoofer does not make a noise during the set up processs


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I don't know what to think here mate.
The sub not being seen makes me think it's a connection problem, but you've checked that.

If you have analogue outs on the 705, stick the sub lead into one of the front channels, with the sub's crossover full up. Make sure you're in an appropriate analogue mode. Then listen to something.
If you get (maybe muffled) sound, that proves the sub and lead etc is ok.

Hopefully others will suggest stuff to try.


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i was going to ask that very same question ie is there another input on a onkyo 705 that i could plug the subwoofer into that would send some sound to the subwoofer , at least then i could rule out whether its the sub or an amplifier problem.

i am scared that i will do some damage to my amp if i stick the subwoofer lead in the wrong whole.

the onkyo does have a zone 2 output would that do the job to test the sub


For the purposes of testing it you could bypass the amp altogether and plug it into an audio out from your CD, DVD, set top box, anything with an RCA output.



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cheers, i will try that then later.

my dvd player has an rca output for speakers


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tried lots of different sources , no joy.

again its odd as when the power lead is plugged back in the sub produces a meaty bass boom and then its quiet with no life what so ever

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