Aego-T or Mission M-Cube??


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So, in a nutshell, which is best?? Acoustic Energy Aego-T or Mission M-Cube?

I am giving myself a headache with the constant searching and really like everything about these 2 systems. However, I am struggling to find somewhere that can demo them.

For a system that costs this kind of money (circa £600), is it unreasonable to ask someone like Hughes to demo them both and possibly walk away without buying?

It was the guy in Hughes last time I went in that said the Mission M-Cubes were crap. He really didn't hold back and would rather I bought the Celestion £350 setup they had on offer!!:(

Also, I do like the Tannoy Arena system, but they over-step my financial mark.:lesson:


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Well, point 1 in favour of the Aego-T is that they go down to 100hz compared to 280hz from the M-Cubes. To what extent is this relevant?


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I would tend to agree with 'the guy in Hughes' about the Missions.
The Acoustic Energys are considerably better.

It's not unreasonable to expect a demo of either or both of these speaker systems (in fact it would be unwise not to), and if you don't like them then you can walk away.


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It was the guy in Hughes last time I went in that said the Mission M-Cubes were crap.

That would seem like a pretty fair summary to me. If the satellites are only going down to 280Hz then the subwoofer is having to produce a lot of upper bass. This will result in a very disjointed sound and a subwoofer that is very easy to pick out its location audibly.


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I'm no expert, but, I'm a user of the Aego-T's.. I love them.

I did demo the Mission's and thought they were good, not brilliant. I did fondle the Mission's and in comparison to fondling the AE's they felt inferior (maybe What HI-FI should introduce a fondle test and rating? :D ) - the AE's sat's are a hefty weight, and extremely well constructed, I guess contributing to the fact they can handle the lower frequencies really well.

Even now, after 5/6 months of ownership, my 6.1 Aego T speaker set-up still makes me grin like a kid, especially with DTS and lossless PCM from my PS3.

The answer to your questions are: yes of course you should expect a retailer to demo them and yes of course you should have a demo before you part with your £'s - your tastes may/will be different from mine and others on here.

Good luck and let us know how you proceed.


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OK, so it looks as if the favourite is the Aego-T set. I think I will get them to demo the Aego-T and the Tannoy Arena, if they will. I suppose I am hoping that the Tannoy set isn't great as, frankly, it's too expensive for me, but I just can't help myself!

They are actually only about £50 off the best price I have seen for the Aego-T's (£599), so I would ask them to price-match or wouldn't be too downhearted at paying £50 more to give them the sale if they put in the effort, but I have seen the Tannoy's a fair bit cheaper than they do them I think.


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aego ts are great speakers - they were an option for me instead of the kef 2005s

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