Aego M or Bookshelf speakers?


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I'm looking at getting some speakers for my ps3 and xbox 360. I'm looking to spend around £80 and I don't know whether to go for PC style speakers like the Aego M 2.1 system or get something like the Wharfedale 8.1 or the Eltax Monitor 3 speakers.
I'll be using them mainly for gaming and watching movies and possibly a bit of music if people are round. I haven't got a clue which would be best for my situation so I'd appreciate any advice based on your experiences.

Thanks in advance for any help


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I've just got the Aego's as a bedroom set and for the price they seem okay. One caveat: Acoustic Energy said they were shielded but they've turned my TV a light pink over the weekend.Any ideas on this one guys?

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