Aego M, help needed please!


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I've never had any sort of speakers attached to my TV before & since buying a Wii & having had a 360 for a year decided it was time to buy some 2.1's.
After trawling posts on here I bought a set of Aego M's.
My set up: I have the speakers wired up to the subwoofer, and to my Samsung LCD via the red & white jacks. Turning it on with little to no volume produces a very slight audible hiss. Turning the volume up dosen't make the hiss go louder it's at a constant level (to begin with).
After several hours I notice the hiss is louder and turning the volume up makes the hiss louder. Turning my TV off makes the hiss go back to a quiet hiss. I'm also getting what sounds like a taxi radio when turned up to max volume!
I've tried moving the speakers, and using a different plug socket, but nothing makes a difference. Is this normal, should I expect a certain amount of noise? Anything I should be doing/considering?
Any help is greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

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