Aego M and soundcard comparable to what amp and speakers?


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I have just ordered a new PC and am planning on buying Acoustic Energys Aego M and an Maudio 2496 soundcard.

Just wondering what the sound will be comparable to amp and speakers wise?


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Can't really answer that, it'll sound very good, but i don't think you can really compare it to anything else, it's a PC based sub sat system and in my opinion is one of the best out there, factor the price in and i think it is THE best...


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Thanks for your reply scott.

Surely it must be comparable with something..

Better than say Q Acoustics 1020s or Kef iQ3s with Cambridge Audio amp etc..?


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If you want a far better analog output with rock solid drivers, see if you can afford the RME HDSP 9632 soundcard.


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If you must compare, I would suggest it is more like one of the Denon/Onkyo micro's.

But as it's a 2.1 system using 2 tiny satellite speakers, the sound is quite different.

I agree with Scott, though, that the Aego M is probably one of the best solutions of it's type and offers sound quality way above it's price point.


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OK, thanks for the replies. I'll go ahead and buy these then and make do with them until I get an amp and standmounts.

Do you think Q Acoustics of similar with a cheap amp, say a Cambridge Audio A1 or A5 would sound better or would you just go with the Aego M?


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Depends on how much you've got to spend, really. If you're PC is always going to be the main source, getting the best sound card you can afford, will probably offer a better improvement.

Also depends on the files. If it's always going to be lossy, low bit rate MP3's, there's no point in considering a proper hifi.

Obviously the benefit of the separates route is that you can upgrade each component when you can afford it, but with the Aego's, you pretty much have to start again.

Either solution will offer a good choice really (for what they are). If you're really not sure, you'll just have to see if you can demo them and have a listen.

I'm sure you've seen this (System No 3)

But it is double the price of the Aego's. For the price of the Aego's (£90 ish) I'm not sure there's a new solution open to you that offers the same sound quality at the price. Unless you want to go second hand.......


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Thanks matt, Ive seen that offer but the speakers wouldnt be my choice.

Do you think the sound would be better through that amp and speakers or say Q Acoustic 1020s than the said soundcard and pc speakers?

Also is it easy to rip cds to lossless format?


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