AE900/Z4 Vs Sim Domino20H


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Can any one give comparisons between the two lcd and dlp domino I cant afford a dlp upgrade but would like to project a hi def image and you lot seem well pleased with two lcd pj's, you're opinions would be appreciated. :smashin:


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It's best to demo both, if you can, and see which you prefer. There are pros and cons for both LCD and DLP. One factor to consider with the Sim is heavy depreciation. High end 1 chip DLPs tend to depreciate very quickly. That said if the rainbow effect is not a problem, many (including myself) think DLP gives a more film like picture.


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Considering that the Domino is about £4000 and the AE900 or Z4 is about £1299, you wouldn't really be comparing like for like. Agree that you should go and see them in action and make up your own mind. If your budget isn't constrained then perhaps you should also see other dlp projectors, the Optoma H79, Screenplay 7210 and ProjectionDesign Action II and III models would also be my list.


AD Roser

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The Domino 20 is discontinued, now replaced by the Domino 18H and sells for £2999.
Domino30H which is HD ready and sells for £3999
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