*** ae700 and high def and DVD - widescreen ratio issues ***


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I can get my PC to send a pure HD signal in widescreen to my projector and it looks beutiful.


When I pop in a dvd to the pc it seems to sqeeze the image ....ie* squashes it.

The screen ratio is fine with HD material but not with standard dvd - any ideas ????

P s- I have an nvidia 6800 card and a pure digital hdmi lead straight to the projector.... my mate said it may be the lead because it does not accept analogue signals (only pure digital only) but I though dvd was digital :O(

I'm Confused....any ideas folks ???


Are you using the same piece of software to playback your HD content as you use to playback your DVD's?

Or is Media PLayer opening your HD content and PowerDVD (or simlar) playing back your DVD's?

My guess is that your DVD playback SW is doing something whacky with the aspect ratio, perhaps look for a 'maintain aspect ratio' button.

You could try using a single piece of SW to playback both of your formats.. Media PLayer Classic is a small download, can be found here: http://www.afterdawn.com/software/video_software/video_players/media_player_classic.cfm

If you still find you have the issue I am puzzled as media player classic has it's own in-built DVD decoder so would negate any issue with the PowerDVD (alike) decoder being setup wrong.

Last thought.... your HD content may be anamorphic, if this is the case and your DVD is standard 16:9 then I would say that your resolution is set wrong. Ideally it should match your display device exactly.


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much appreciated mate !

I will try it .


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