AE505 speakers - what amp? (and CD player)


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I saw a pair of AE505's at a really good price and in great condition and went ahead and bought them, without really researching what they go well with in terms of amp and Cd player combos. Theyre rated at 100W max output at 8ohms and they're bi-wireable. Im not looking to spend too much past the £300 mark on the amp, and if anyone can reccomend a REALLY budget amp as another option that'd be greatly appreciated (as money is tight). Main thing i want to know is what amp, with the CD player as an afterthought (as i have a temporary solution until i can afford the CD - the budget is basically around the £300 mark so its either £300 amp, or budget CD and amp for £300). Thanks for any help - im quite new to the whole seperates thing and any info would be greatly appreciated :thumbsup:


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Hi,i'm a newbie like you to Hi Fi,but saw this previous post:-

Previous Hi Fi equip looked good to me anyway,at least with the little what i know,or at least with what ive read anyway.Ive looked at loads of stuff,but its hard when you don't have much experience.Considering a bit dearer CA kit myself,the 840A seems to give the sound i would want.But everyones different so i'd check a few things out that relate to what sound you like.Don't knoiw would suit your speakers.

cheers BOB

ps no Fanboy of anything,not thats theres nothing wrong being one if you find what ideally suits you etc.


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Cheers for the link, that should give me a start. If anyone has any more info id still be glad for any help :lease:

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