AE500 screen shots


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I have looked through the lead called OK lets see yours and I have been very impressed with the actual screen shots of you home cinema's. Does anyone have a screen shots specific the the ae500???? I am going to order one over the next month or so and I would love to see other people's picture quality etc???


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Here you go:



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Very Very impressive. I hope mine looks this good when it is properly setup. Couple of questions i f I may. I am guesiing you are using DVI for it to look this good ? Also

What DVD player are you using ?
What Leads are you using ?
What Screen are you using ?

Looks high def quality to me......


I am guessing you are using DVI for it to look this good
Yes I use a 7.5 metre Cobalt DVI cable.(big improvement over the Lindy DVI cable i was using,almost totally eliminated VB which was still rife with the Lindy cable)

What DVD player are you using ?
DVD player is a HTPC with ffdshow and theatertek using Lanczos resize,dscaler sharpen,chroma Luma sharpen and gradual denoise.(sharpening filters are applied very sparingly)

What Screen are you using ?
Screen is a 60" wide DRH pulldown screen


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Excellent thanks for the tips. Point taken on the dvi cable, I just got a cheapy to start with will definately sprink for a decent quality cable now.

I have got a dvd player with dvi out to be going on with. Will definately go the HTPC route at some point though.
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