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Nov 17, 2003
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Baildon UK
I just ordered a Yamakawa 365 DVD Player to go with my AE500. Can anyone tell me which type of DVI Cable I need to connect the two? There looks to be two different male DVI connections, DVI-I and DVI-D. Can anyone explain the difference?:confused:

Also has anyone used an AE500 with the Yamakawa 365- Any impressions?

Any help appreciated

DVI-I carries digital and analogue signals, DVI-D only carries digital. DVI-D is the one you want....

I am using a DVI-D cable with my AE500 and my Yamakawa 365 and DVDs look fantastic at 720p!

Thanks for your replies.

Kris, can you clear something up for me? I realise with the latest firmware
the Yamakawa can output 720p@50Hz for PAL discs. Is the AE500 able to accept
this signal through DVI with no problems?

Reason I ask is, this seems impossible with a PC thru VGA....720p 60Hz is
fine but when you try to go down to 50Hz or thereabouts the AE500 won't
I just got in from work and tried the PAL version of swordfish at 720p@50 via DVI and there were no problems at all.........90% of my DVDs are region 1, so it was actually the first time I have tried a region 2 disk and the first time I tried 720 @ 50hz.........

I've had the pj and the yamakawa just over two weeks and I would thoroughly recommend both to anybody........


Thanks Kris, that's good to know.
My collection is also mostly made up of R1 discs but it's a real bonus being able to use 720p 50Hz - not a lot of players seem to have this feature.

Looking forward to getting my new toy!

The DVD player cost £110 incl. shipping from Germany (off ebay)
I think it's a few weeks wait for delivery though.

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