AE500 Problems


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Two things are bothering me;

While messing with my PJ last night I noticed what looks like (from the descriptions on this forum) a dust blob, red in colour. Has anyone come across a red dust blob before? How is it that projecting a black (ie blank) screen would show dust to be red in colour? Or could it be something other than dust?

Just want a few opinions before I start taking it apart to blow some air in.

On top of this I have been noticing a greenish tint in the two left hand corners of the projected image. This is only visible on a 'black' screen so it shows up when watching films with borders. It doesn't look like dust as it covers quite a large area on each corner. It is quite distracting. Has anyone else noticed anything like this?

I've got just 43 Hrs on the PJ, Low Lamp-High Fan

Any comments appreciated


Yes, dust, depending where it is, can show as faint red, blue or green on a "black" screen.

Colour "staining" isn't usual on a new machine, usually appearing after a long run time. All LCDs have slight uniformity issues but usually not severe enough to worry about. If the greenish tint is visible during normal viewing (or a black & white movie), I'd suggest contacting the retailer/manufacturer for a replacement.



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Thanks for the info Kramer. Looks like i'll have get a tin of air on the job.
Also at the moment the green staining isn't too much to worry about during normal viewing. I think I should count my lucky stars really as i have no dead pixels and have noticed no 'vertical banding' whatsoever.

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