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I have just bought a Ae500 projector, my first and I must say I and very pleased with its preformance. However I have noticed one small problem during a DVD film I occasionally (1 or 2 times) get a flicker in the picture, it only last a few frames. could this be a problem with my projector or with the DVD player a pioneer dvr-3100 connected with a RGB Scart cable. - anyone any ideas ?

Plus I don't think I have any dead pixels but what is the best way to check.

Thanks for you help


Darryl D.

Can't help you with the flickering although it does sound like a player issue rather than pj. Does it happen when using other sources?

Best way to check dead pixels is go to menu, options, osd (hold button down for few secs), service menu.
Then use up/down arrow to get to solid coloured test screen, followed by L and R arrows to scroll between R, G, B and white.
Inspect each solid colour like you're looking for fine scratches on a new car :)

FWIW, I have one 'stuck on' blue pixel, one dead red pixel and 1 intermittent 'stuck on' green pixel. They can't be detected at usual viewing distances.


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The flicker will be caused by using RGB scart as the source I believe. I have seen this problems before on projectors using RGB scart as the source.

If you can go the component route its definately a better option. You will get a more stable (And better) picture in my opinion.

As for the dead pixels, if you cant see them dont go looking for them is my advice. I dont seem to have any on mine and looked on solid colours as suggested.
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