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I have just installed XP on my PC.
I have powerstrip installed and used it to set up the panny.
However when I use the pre defined 1280x720 settings, my picture goes well off screen to the left and I have to use maximum horizontal shift to the right to get it centralised....Anyone else had this?
Are there proper powerstrip settings for this model?
I also, now, get a slight ringing on the picture (around face closeups etc) that I never had before I loaded XP? Any thoughts?
Any help appreciated.




Bear in mind that Powerstrip doesn't always make things better - it worked fine for me on one PC (and made a huge difference), but made things worse on another one.

I'm not great at driving the program, but you could try going into desktop / configure / custom timings and try adjusting things in there.


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I have fiddled with the timings but it sometimes shrinks the screen and does wierd things with only the slightest of tweaks.
i.e. The bottom of the image appearing at the top of the frame?
I wonder if there are settings for this projector or perhaps it's just hit and miss?




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Try these.
Powerstrip Settings


Pixel clock 74.250MHz
Horizontal scan rate 45.055kHz
Vertical Refresh 60.073Hz

[Horizontal timing]
Active 1280
Front Porch 110
Sync width 40
Back porch 218
Total 1648

[Vertical Timing]
Active 720
Front porch 5
Sync Width 5
Back porch 20
Total 750

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