AE500 or VPL-VW12HT ?

Ekko Star

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Why does this always happen just as soon as I get something ???

I've now been offered a good deal on the Sony, with ability to check for dead pixels and full satisfaction on purchase.

I am happy with my AE500 but know the Sony is meant to be a great machine. My dealer said he would happily do a swap out if I was unhappy with the AE500. Theres nothing wrong with it but the option to do this is there.

What do you think ?:confused:


Depends on several things. Will the Sony suit - throw ratio etc? Also, how much? If the 12HT isn't going to cost much more than your AE500 I'd say go for it. It'll be far more "resaleable" than the Panasonic.

Sounds like you've nothing to loose - dealer prepared to let you try both etc.


Ekko Star

Distinguished Member
It seems it's got a longer throw than the AE500, but that's not a problem in my set up.

Price not fixed yet but it's in the region of another £1000 on top.

I buy lots of stuff from this place so they try to keep me happy, rather than just simply let me try and buy. However, I don't really want to get the Sony (as I haven't seen it in action yet)and then decide to go back.But if it's that much better than the 500 then I don't think it'll be going back:D


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I don't think that the two things are in the same league, at all. The Sony 12 was (and probably still is) one of the best LCD PJs ever produced. Built like a tank, and with an onboard scaler which (according to another member whose chosen profession indicates that he should know) is only a hair's breadth short of the best standalone devices. At the sorts of prices it is currently going for, it's an absolute steal.

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