AE500 or TW200?



Have read most of the threads on this forum but still have newbie questions.....

Not sure which one is suitable for me; I'd like it to be connected to a PC eventually (which is where the DVI support on the AE comes in), but I'm not that keen on ensuring that ambient light from the summer sun leaks through my curtains (if they're gonna be drawn at all). My throw will only be max 3m.

a) how big could the diagonal be on both? (TW200 doesn't feature on projector central...)
b) I read somewhere that a 1300 lumen pj (TW200) can be watched without having to pull your curtains! (perhaps only for background telly watching). Is this true?
c) Any pj demos around Cambridge??
d) How noticeable are the differences on a say 2.5m screen with DVI vs RGB output from a PC?



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Hi Razza
I can help you on part a) of you questions, as I'm in the market for a new PJ and in particular the AE500 or TW200.
I spoke to Epson Tech Support (0870 4437766) and I was was told for 9' distance, the diagonal would be 75".
I needed 83" @ 9' which the AE500 can do.
According to PJ Central the AE500 is 83" - 98" @ 3m.
I would guess that the Epson TW100 distances won't be a million miles off.

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