ae500 or screenplay 4800


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hi, due to the current price drop of the 4800 i was thinking of getting one ,I have seen a demo of one on a 7ft screen and although i could see the rainbow effect i wouldnt say it was a film killer. I have yet to see a demo of the panny 500 in action and although the thread "show us yours" is great i cant find any decent pics of the projector in action I:E not of monsters inc or finding nemo both which tend to look good on just about anything. so my question is the 500 really worth the extra cash since some threads i have read seem to suggest the only way to get a decent pic out of it is with an htpc which i have no intention of using .i just want to hookup my pioneer 565 dvd and maybe my freeview box any advice or links to pics of 500 in action would be appreciated . cheers mike


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AE 500 every time mate our demo unit killed the 4800, Also consider Z2, have a search loads of info on these two connection also alto easier as AE500 has Scart input!
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