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Jul 2, 2002
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Hi folks,

I'm looking at buying this PJ shortly and wondered if I can place it just behind me, so that it will project onto a screen (yet to buy) of about 6ft wide (16:9).

This distance between the PJ & screen will be about 13ft.
The distance between sitting position and screen is 12.5ft (approx)

Can I get away with this?

Thanks in advance!

I have mine stand mounted behind the sofa and it's about 50cm away from my head. The AE500 is very quite compaired to my AE100. In low mode I don't even really notice it. :)

I get 92in wide picture from about 13.5 ft
I am glad you have said that. Its how I will be mounting mine when it turns up, on a nobo projector stand. Viewing distance is slightly less as is the screen size (81" diagonal)
Thanks for that info.

Guys, where do you recommend I get a stand from to place the PJ onto? Also, does the stand come on wheels? (prices and supplier info whould be helpful).

Can the stand you are using be increased in height?

Lastly, what type of screen are you projecting onto? i.e, fixed, portable, electric? I was looking at buying a portable screen that pulls upwards from the bottom and stays at whatever height you care to leave it at!

I too am considering the AE500.
I've noted them from £1050 +dely on the internet.
In the magazine review this month it said the 500 includes a free 70" manual pull dowm w/s.
I noted the internet supplier I quote was charging over £200 extra for a w/s.
So you should check your supplier out to see if you are getting one free.
Have others recieved the free screen was it usefull?
Originally posted by david park
I too am considering the AE500.
I've noted them from £1050 +dely on the internet.

They are on backorder now, 7 day leadtime, this time yesterday the stock was at 8 now all gone, I know where one of them went :)

Here is the manual which has a section on viewing distances and image size.
I got my ae500 from komplett. It was £1050 inc free delivery. Arrived today. Dosnt come with a screen but the free one you mentioned would have been too small anyway.

The screen I got is not fixed. Its 81" on the diagonal and is floor mounted in a nice narrow brushed aluminium case (Along the lines that torkus mentioned).

It can be put up in under a minute and is very easy to store. This was important as wall mounting in my loft conversion would not have been ideal and I wanted the option of storing it away if I so desire. The screen was £100. Its a second and the case is slightly marked (I cant notice it though) The screen is unmarked. I paid £100 for it. New price was £360 + vat it is a pretty good screen from what I understand and was lucky to get it at this price (Retailer clearance).

As for the projector stand. I had a good look around and got a nobo projector stand from staples. Its a solid piece of kit fully height adjustable to 46.5" it is mounted on castors which can be locked in position and has a shelf which can be tilted if this is required. The colour of the stand if Graphite. Cost was £89 + vat which included delivery, this was around £40 cheaper than I could find it anywhere else. Its only available on their website.

I think this answers all the points raised ! I am some way off getting everthing fished as my loft conversion is still being built. I will get some pics up when everything has been done in the mean time I can probably posts some shots of the stand and screen if people would find this useful. But not tonight. I will be playing with it !
I just use a single 1 meter speaker stand to mount my Pj on, :)

Discount TV. The dead pixel check on the AE500 takes all the anxiety out of buying a new PJ :clap:
SamirP. Couple of tips from you if I may. Sounds like you have a similar setup to what I am looking at.

"I have mine stand mounted behind the sofa and it's about 50cm away from my head. I get 92in wide picture from about 13.5 ft"

What is the height of your stand ? 1m if so your seating must be quite low ? Do you have the projector upside down ? Is your screen floor mounted (I assume it is) Do you use keystone ?

I hada a play with keystone last night and even on maximum I was suprised at how little it effected picture quality. Having said that I wont be using it ;)
Hi Harris
My speaker stand is 1.1 meter tall with spikes, I also screwed a small top plated of wood onto it, to make it more stable to sit the PJ on. I think this takes it up to about 1.2 meters. this is OK as the pj sits about 20cm above the back of my sofa.
My screen is a pull down which is wall mounted.
I dont' have use any keystone or zoom, and my pj is mounted the right way up.


what dvd player will you be using?
Sounds good. My stand can be adjusted to a similar height range and the viewing distance is similar (Or can be).

My screen is floor mounted though which might cause problems. I have a few ideas though which should sort this. I dont think I am going to be able to go with a wall mounted screen, it just wont work in my loft plus I want the option of removing the screen.

Im going for the samsung with dvi out.
The screen I got is not fixed. Its 81" on the diagonal and is floor mounted in a nice narrow brushed aluminium case

Harris, mind telling us what make/model you have - sounds as though it would be ideal for my needs.

Its here

They have dropped the price to £250 + Vat. As I said it was a "Second" which is why i got it so cheap but in reality there is nothing wrong with it.

I need to get everything setup in the loft but it might be that its not actually suitable for me due to the way that I want to mount the projector. Thats being the case you can have first refusal on it if you want and save yourself a couple of hundred quid.

That is unless you are desperate, I wont be able to start setting it up properly for a month or so and therefore wont know if I am keeping it .
There is a multi region handset hack available for it anyway. Best staying in its native resolution. I dont hold with using prog scan on a unit which deinterlaces the signal anyway. How can the quality be as good as using an unconverted signal ?

Thanks for the offer but I'm probably going for a 16:9 screen
Hi Guys,

Thanks again for your info. Will help me make my decision that much more easier.


Also glad your PJ arrived. Some questions for you.

Have you throughly checked it for any signs of dead pixels?
Are you overall pleased with this PJ?
Have you tweaked it to your own personal taste?
What are the blacks like?

Lastly, did your order over the phone or via the web?

Looks like I'll also be ordering mine v. soon from Komplete uk
Have you throughly checked it for any signs of dead pixels?

Yes. Looked carefully on blue screeen and watched a couple of hours of assorted footage. I cant see any. Will have a more detailed look over the weekend when I hookup to my PC, Xbox & Dreamcast. I know alot of people on here are completly anal about this. But as a couple of people have already said to me if you have had a careful look and cant see any, why worry about it ? They are making a good point I think.

Are you overall pleased with this PJ?

Yes looks great. And thats on less than perfect magnolia wall paper. Cant wait to get it hooked up to my gaming gear and setup peoperly with the screen.

Have you tweaked it to your own personal taste?

I have had a play with the settings and yes I have adjusted some of them as is inevitable. However. I cant properly set it up until my loft is finished. No point in properly tweaking it until it is in its final resting place.

What are the blacks like?

Look pretty good to me. I am currently using it in low lamp mode.
I know people with ae100 / hs10. I will be honest and will probably get lyched. But it looks better to me and its not properly setup yet.

Lastly, did your order over the phone or via the web?

My understanding is that you cant order from Komplett over the phone. Web only.

Looks like I'll also be ordering mine v. soon from Komplete uk

Well they are out of stock at the moment. They have 20 odd units comming in around the 23rd of this month but unconfirmed at this point according to there website. (They sold 40 odd last week apparently) So you might have to be patient.

What I would say is dont think you have to pay £200 over the odds just to get a dead pixel check. Mine dosnt seem to have any (Touch wood) and that £200 saving has paid for my screen and pretty much my new dvi dvd player.
Says 15 now. If you buy one now does it go on back order, and minus one from the total?

"None available today. 15 pcs 2004-03-23 (unconfirmed) "

Basically it was saying 20 odd this morning so it looks like that. Why dont you give them a ring and ask.

They certainly seem to be shifting a load of them.

I finally plucked up the courage last Thursday and ordered the PJ from komplett uk, thanks to "harrisuk".

Its always difficult to try and decide on any big purchase, but that was made easier by "harrisuk" (thanks again mate!)

incidently, I'm buying this blind, haven't seen any demos of this PJ.

Just waiting paitently now for it.

:clap: :smashin: :clap:
Congratulations on your new purchase. You wont be disappointed. Well I certainly am not anyway.

Incidentally I had a proper play over the weekend. Attack of the Clones looked fantastic. And playing xbox fifa 2004 6ft wide was out of this world.

And all through RGB scart with a high degree of keystone. I cant wait to get this thing properly setup with the xbox high def pack and Samsung DVI DVD player. Few weeks away yet the room still aint ready :mad:

I'm also looking at buying the Samsung HD935 DVD player, can you recommend any good suppliers?

I'll also be ordering the PJ stand shortly from Staples.

Will also be needing a screen soon as well. Any recommendations?

I havent got the player yet. There are a few places online selling it for £140 - £150 delivered which seems to be the going rate. I have heard pantheronline mentioned but never used them before my self. is always prety good for finding places with stock at reasonable prices.

The screen I got was a second but seems to do a good job. I dont think they have anymore at that price, not on their site anyway and I dont think its worth the £300 they want for them new.

If you are going for a free standing screen Sony and Panasonic seem to make these as well although they are normally bundled with projectors. I know some places sell them seperately though. You can also try the forums, I sold a free standing Sony screen for a friend who got it with a HS10 last year so they do turn up occasionally.

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