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Am thinking of purchasing the above projector, but am a little confused as regards the ceiling mount.

I was thinking of getting a mount from LMP, and their website mentions that the mount can be from 100mm to 500mm long. Ideally I want the projector positioned as close to the ceiling as possible, but will this result in the image being projected above the height of the ceiling.
Assuming the AE500 is positioned upside down, does the unit project the whole image downwards diagonally, with no key stone correction, as below, with the top portion of the screen more or less level with the projector itself:

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Louis Mazzini

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I've just got up and running with this projector/mount combination myself (spend most of Saturday in and out of the loft rigging it up!).

The Panasonic's manual states that the lens should be at a level of screen width divided by 32 below the top of the screen (when ceiling mounting). I've found that as long as you're within a centimetre or so of doing this accurately, you can make final tweaks with the mount's adjustments (go for the full spec model) rather than using the PJ's keystone. (LMP sells its mount in 5cm lengths, so I couldn't be quite as precise as I'd planned; I got a 45cm length rather than the 44cm I'd worked out as optimum).

I have to say I'm extremely impressed with the LMP mount; good price, looks great, and the large tube easily accommodates three component cables and my Lindy DVI cable. I suppose an improvement to the design could be to make the tube telescopic for easy final adjustments, but I guess that would just add to the cost…
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