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    I have recently added a new projector and electric screen to my setup. The AE500 has a 12v trigger and my screen just has, what I assume to be standard, a switch for up or down, this is mains double pole double throw, but I wanted to automate this and wanted to get rid of the manual switch. After looking at a circuit diagram on the forums I went to maplins with a shopping list

    To get the projector to trigger the screen I have been to maplins and bought:

    1) JG58 a power relay 12vdc double pole double throw 6B-05 3.396
    2) QL73 a small diode 1N4001 (after speaking to instore techie for advice) 6J-19 0.051
    3) HF98 Stereo plastic 3.5mm plug 80-14 0.672
    4) JG54 relay socket 10Amp 8 pin 1.694

    This totalled £6.83 includding VAT

    The relay is separate from the base unit so allows me to replace it quite easily ( although its rated at 100,000 operations) the base unit has 8 screw terminals to allow easy connection of cable etc., and 2 holes to allow you to screw it to something solid ( a joist in my case)

    The wiring I have used is a 3 core flex from the mains ( fed via a 13amp plug) the neutral (blue) and Earth (yellow/green) are in a junction box and connect to the neutral and earth of the screen.
    The live from the mains ( brown), goes to terminal 1 of the relay this is the feed and when the AE500 is off the relay sends mains to the SCREEN UP mains input cable of the screen, so therefore terminal 4 of the relay goes to the screen via the brown lead ( maybe different on your screen). Then when the relay fires, the contacts will send the live to the SCREN DOWN black cable using terminal 3,.agian maybe different on your screen.

    All that remains is the relay firing; this is done using pins 2 and 7, I put the diode across these 2 terminals with the plus of the diode going to the plus side of things. I cant remember which was plus or minus, but its simple enough to check, using a 12v battery (car) or a battery charger etc. The relay only fires on DC do it only works one way round

    Then on the projector end I have used the plastic stereo plug to connect to the projector, I have found using a multi meter that on a stereo plug the AE500 outputs 12v by using the top ring( the one of the tip of the plug) for the +12v and the bottom ring ( the one at the base of the shaft) for the -12v or 0v. The middle one didn’t have an output.

    So I soldered a cable to this plug and connected it to the relay, then tested the relay using a 12v battery and hey presto the screen came down with the 12v applied and went up with the 12v removed. The screen has limit switches to stop the motor at the top and bottom of the travel so it doesn’t sit there whirring for the entire film ( or when it rolls back up)

    The only thing I haven’t done is connected the projector up to it. But I have tested the 12v output using a test meter and have simulated that using a battery. This will be done once my screen and AE500 are installed, still waiting for the room to be finished

    I hope this helps and it’s a very cheap way of hooking up the screen to a trigger

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