AE500 Component DCI question?!



I'm currently using component connections to my projector. I understand that the DCI socket would give me a far better picture.....

Is there such a lead that would convert one to the other, and is there that big a difference in quality - plus, can you still handle prog scan this way.

My player is a Toshiba SD520

Markie Boy

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The "DVI" connection is an all-digital transfer, whereas component requires and additional digital to analogue conversion. There are converters out there, but its my opinion that any benefits of DVI are lost as you are converting back to analogue, and using an extra piece of equipment (the adaptor) in the process. DVI does support prog scan. For a not-so-expensive DVI DVD player have a look at the Samsung - it not only has this connection but will upconvert to 720p and 1080i.
MArkie Boy

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