AE500 back at Komplett


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There back in, although it says 20/04, there is another batch due on the 26th, they've just found out this morning. If you order now you'll get one at the end of the month apparently.


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Can anyone reassure me about Komplett, I tried to order a 500 twice over the last 2 days, my Visa delta card didn't got declined, and they were a big vague about whether visa debit worked - so last night I tried my egg card to be declined again - possibly because Egg issued a referral.

I should state I have enough money to pay, and it shouldn't be a problem with funds not being there. When i find it difficult to even pay for something, little alarm bells ring, and I get worried about the site themselves.

Is this just me being paranoid ?

Rickyj at Kalibrate

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I had a problem when i ordered my AE300. It was declined by my card issuer (Bank of Scotland), on the basis that it was a large transaction outside the UK, which caused a referral, but as it was an online transaction, unable to sort out the referral real time. It turned out that I had to call the card company and warn them of my intentions, so that they were expecting it and would not refer it.

After the 2nd transaction, the transaction went through smoothly, projector ordered Fri am, turned up Tues am (using Parcelforce), and in perfect condition, with the box well wrapped in brown parcel paper.

Hope this helps



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When I ordered using a new Mastercard last week the website rejected it but then I got a call a phone call a minute later asking if I actually wanted the transaction from the card people. I agreed and they said to place the order again and the second time it went through with no hassle. They told me the call was because it was my first transaction on the card.

Komplett themselves called me the following day to confirm the transaction and I then recieved the projector from Parcelforce three days later in perfect condition.:)


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I got an ae500 from them a couple of weeks ago. No problems at all. Are you being paranoid......Yes. They rang me up to confirm the transaction that was it.

You have to realise credit card fraud for expensive av equipment is abolutely rife at the moment. They are simply protecting themselves and you.


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Anyone heard anything more on arrival dates for the new batch, they told me it potentially could be the 26th of this month.

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