AE300 Warrenty


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Having recieved my ae300 from Komplett today I am more than pleased with the picture, a quick look showed no dead pixels, although Il have a proper look 2 moro.The only thing that worried me slightly was the fact there was no details of a warrenty? Is this correct or am I missing something? I will contact komplett 2 moro o see what they say as well? Thanks for any info.


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dont know about european models but with my uk model you dont get anything about a warranty either the same happened with my 100, when i had a problem with my old 100 i called panasonic techinical direct & they sent a carrier in to pick up the unit all they wanted to know was who i bought the unit from


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I had exactly the same question as I bought mine a month ago and was a bit concerned that there was no paper warrenty. All I have is a receipt from the web supplier that I bought it from.

I phoned them and they said that they wouldn't have sent one.

I just hope that Panasonic will accept this as proof of purchase should I have any problems in the next 11 months.

Touch wood but so far so good - I'm very pleased with the performance of this projector.

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