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Feb 5, 2003
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Hi all,

before i take the plunge and buy this projector could you guys tell me how good the projector is with resolution changing? I will be running from HTPC with 1:1 mapping (or closest :)). So if i boot a game that runs in 1024x768 will the projector switch to this resolution ok? and will it switch back to desktop res ok when i quite?

Thanks for reading.
The projector has a fixed resolution, 960x540 IIRC, if you feed it a signal that isn't that resolution it re-sizes the image (known as 'scaling') to fit .. it's this scaling that people try to avoid by using 1:1 mapping as it introduces distortions into the image as it mangles, say, 1024x768 to make it fit 960x540.

This scaling is automatic, it detects the resolution of the input signal and reacts accordingly.

So it shouldnt cause any problems running pc games at different resolutions then?
The only problem will be that the image will show some PQ degradation due to the scaling, but the resolution changes should be handled automatically by the projector .. certainly when I was meesing about configuring Powerstrip my Panny handled my proddings of the resolution without complaint. :) .. and indeed it always happened at boot-up because Windows started in 800x600 then switched to 960x540 when Powerstrip loaded.
can it easily be switched to 4:3?
The AE300 is a 16:9 panel, can't remember is there's a 4:3 mode or not, I think not though.
can i display a 4:3 game unstrectched on the screen so there are borders either side?
You beat me to it, I realised what you were asking after I posted that .. as I said in my edited reply, I can't remember if there's a 4:3 mode to the AE300 or not I'm afraid, though I have a vague feeling my HTPC would boot up in 4:3 and switch and the AE300 handled it so maybe I'm wrong .. sorry I'm vague, been using a different pj for the last couple of months, I forget so easily these days. :)
thanks for the quick replys,

do you know if the AE300 will except 1280x720 res? as most new PC games will run in this res.

Yes, according to the ad. for the AE300 on one web site it'll accept these:

525i (480i), 625i (576i), 525p (480p), 750p (720p)

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