ae300 focus problem



hi guys and gals. had my ae300 for a few days now and having a bit of a problem with the focus on it, e.g the picture can be spot on but then sometimes things in the back ground can be out of focus or distance shots can be out of focus,everything in the foreground is always ok.
also what does the n r (noise reduction)do or should i say how does it do it and is it best to turn it off

I had an Ae300 when they were first released, and noticed this problem as well.
It could be down to the actual film itself (how it was filmed, transfer etc.) and the fact that your watching it on such a big screen may make it more obvious.
Then again it could be a side effect of the smooth screen technology.
How are you connecting it to your dvd player?
I was using rgb scart from an old tosh 2109, I thought it might be improved if I upgraded to component. I hope this is the case, as I was thinking about getting an ae300 again.
iam using a keene rgb scart to component convertor, to be honest i dont see a lot of differense than when i was using a good scart lead with the dvd output set to rgb.
Theres nothing wrong with your PJ. Its just the resolution limitations of the PJ and the source material ie DVD. Something in the foreground is obviously bigger on screen and is displayed utilising loads of pixels. Background stuff is smaller and is made up of much fewer pixels, hence the courser blurry look. Ya get used to it. The effect is made more obvious on a big screen but is there on a tv as well, just not as visibly.
I have an AE500e

I'd also be interested to know what the NR button is/does and whether it's better to just leave it off (factory standard is on).

When I get a proper screen (instead of a bedsheeet;) ) I'll be able to see subtle differences more easily but currently, nr doesn't seem to do much.

PS I also get the blurry background thing but only on some discs (which i've noticed on other LCD projectors of different makes on display).
I think it's fine and gives a slightly more 3D feel to the image
Noise Reduction is a filter that takes off the high-frequency components of the signal.

Similar (but not the same) as reducing the "sharpness".

It doesn't do anything at all to the optics...
when i said earlier on in this thread that the focus was blurry,what i meant to write is that when you are watching something as a long shot i.e a zoomed out picture, things dont seemed to be focused properly. i think it is the nature of owning a pj and something i will have to get used to.

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