AE200 and 300 - official specs

richard plumb

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first posted over on - hope its OK to repost here.

- 0.7" 858x484 LCD
- 700:1 Contrast Ratio
- 700 ANSI Lumen
- 1.18 Zoom Lens
- 28dB in Economy mode
- Supports Interlaced and Progressive signals
- Video input: 480i/576i/480p/720p/ 1080i
- PQ modes: Normal, Dynamic, Cinema1, Cinema2, Music, Sports
- Inputs: Composite, D4, S-Video, RGB
- SD Memory Card Slot: Supports playback of JPEG and MPEG4 files
- Vertical Keystone adjustment

- 0.7" 960x540 LCD
- 800:1 Constrast Ratio
- 800 ANSI Lumen
- Gamma settings
- Supposedly better deinterlacing vs. AE200
- DVI-D input
- Vertical and Horizontal Keystone adjustment
- other specs same as AE200...

The AE200 should be available Oct. 1st at a list price of JY240,000 (about US$2000); the AE300 should be available Oct. 15th at a list price of JY320,000 (about US$2700). These are list prices - I'd expect the street price to be a lot less...


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Well if the spec is real I think I'll be ditching my ae100 for the 300.
MLA should make a lot of difference : don't think the slightly higher res will be a big deal though. Wonder what they mean by the "gamma" thingy.


Im surprised both the AE200 and AE300 are not WXGA, ideally even with WVGA you need a vertical panel size of 576 for us PAL DVD owners.

The AE200 looks like the AE100 with higher contrast ratio?, in fact anyone know if its a AE100 with filter :)


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100 lines difference in resolution doesn't make a difference. 625/50 material doesn't look any better or worse than 525/60 on the ae100 to be honest.


I'm not that impressed.

Brightness, contrast, resolution are not much better than the AE100. I expected at least WXGA.

I'll be sticking with my PT-AE100.


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remains to be seen but the MLA might make all the difference regardless of the practically insignificant resolution increase.

If the 300 is the same as a 100 with less screendoor I'll get one.


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OK, I'll ask...what does "MLA" stand for then? And more importantly what does it do?


Walter mitty

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Mmmmmm well I for one will be sticking with my brilliant AE100 I cant fault it


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I'll have one (dont mind which) if it's an AE100 with a few extras that make a difference gonna be worth it IMO. Love my Panny..:)


Originally posted by Gavin_Hall
OK, I'll ask...what does "MLA" stand for then? And more importantly what does it do?


The third development in LCDs was the use of Micro-Lens Array (MLA) to boost the efficiency of light transmission through XGA-resolution LCD panels. Some XGA-class LCD projectors have this feature, but most do not. For those that do, MLA has the happy side effect of reducing pixel visibility a little bit as compared to an XGA LCD projector without MLA. On some projectors with this feature, the pixel grid can also be softened by placing the focus just a slight hair off perfect, a practice recommended for the display of quality video. This makes the pixels slightly indistinct without any noticeable compromise in video image sharpness. So visible pixel structure is diminished to the point where it almost as good as DLP, but not quite.

cut and paced from


Info. from JAPAN

The "D" connector is a special digital connector used in Japan.

D1 = 480i (i=interlaced)
D2 = 480p (p=progressive)
D3 = 720p
D4 = 1080i HDTV (High Definition TV)

I use a D1 output from my DVD player (Pioneer DV535) to my TV (Sony 29in Flat Screen 4:3), AWESOME quailty improvement over the S-VHS cable.

Talking about D4, did you notice that the AE300's LCD is exactly half that of the 1080i HDTV standard (960~540) i.e. 1080/2=540. Will this make for better 1080i HDTV quality than a WXGA LCD (1,386~788)? The Sony may win at D3(720p) but due to simpler scaling the AE300 may be better at D4(1080i) ???? By the way, I read that HDTV versions of some movies will be released on D-VHS, at twice the vertical resolution it will be interseting to compare them with the DVD versions.

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