AE100 vs AE200. What's the real difference?


Jesus Barrera R

I was thinking on getting a Panny AE100 as a Christmas present for myself :). But now I see the AE200 is coming.

I've checked a couple of web sites and I still can't see the real difference between the two other than a higher contrast level. Are there any reviews of this new proj around? what is the real difference between the two?

What do you recommend me guys? do I buy the AE100 and hopefully get it at discount price due the new proj release or wait for the AE200?


richard plumb

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I bought the AE100 precisely because it's likely to be replaced soon, so its cheap.

The AE200 looks like a makeover for 2003, nothing big has changed. A bit more of this, a little less of that.

AE100 has a lot of admirers and is a fine first projector, especially at the prices it can be found for.

Now the Sony HS2 is much more like it. A proper step up from the HS1, with proper widescreen panels. Of course, thats probably only because Panasonic did it first, otherwise Sony would most likely still be offering cheaper 4:3 panels as we wouldn't have known any better.

Jesus Barrera R

One last question.

What's this thing about PT AE100EC? what's the difference between the AE100 vs AE100EC? I've seen it advertised as "NEW!"; is it a more stable/glitch-free version of the original AE100?

Thanks again!


I´ve upgraded to the AE200 three weeks ago and it was worth it. Even if the increase in picture quality is minimal there are a lot of nice changes made to the machine:
- much better remote
- less light output from the back/vent
- less noisy vent
- dvi connection
- better control over vent speed
- many people mentioned less screen door - i didn´t find the difference to big

As for faulty AE100 vs faulty AE200 - this has to be seen.

As for the price - i bought the ae100 and ae200 at pricejapan.
The AE100 in April for 1950 EURO including shipping and VAT, the ae200 in Oktober for 1900 EURO inclduing shipping and VAT.

If you can get the AE100 for less than 1400 it´s worth a thought i guess...

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