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A few weeks ago I purchased the Panasonc AE-100 projector.

This is the first time I have got a projector and have now got it working through my PC via a VGA cable using powerstrip etc.

I am very pleased with the picture after initally using an s-video connection.

But the picture is still not excellent. I am perhaps expecting too much but I just want to check first.

My question (eventually!) is can I expect the quality of the DVD playback through the projector to be as good as when I watch DVDs via my standalone player through my TV? Obviously there are the LCD pixels which I can't do anything about.

If the quality should be as good as watching it through a TV what do you suggest to improve my picture quality? I am using powerstrip and am pretty sure I have all the settings optimized for it. Any help would be grateful.



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The contrast ratio of a TV is far higher than the AE100.
What you have got to remember is that this projector is capable of producing very good images on a large screen. Mine is 8ft.
The room needs to be very dark to get the best contrast.
Better contrast can be achieved with a more expensive DLP proj or a CRT projector, but these are far more expensive than the AE100.



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TV is a much smaller image also - I've also been of the same mindset, but I think you have to accept that it won't have the clarity or contrast of a TV. Then again I think dvds on my TV at times look better than the cinema!!

I still love my Panny. At times the picture looks great, times not so great (I think alot depends on the actual DVD).

You come to a time where you just have to accept the quality and get on enjoying the films - otherwise its non-stop hassle and expense!!


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Transfer quality of the film has alot to do with it. On a larger screen, a bad transfer looks far worse than on a TV. Try out some CGI stuff or Superbit titles.


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Have to agree here - we use the AE100 for a wide range of viewing - TV drama, Footie, movies, and the old adage of "garbage in, garbage out" really applies. ITV pictures are generally worst (someone here mentioned that they're low res compared with other tv stations - it sure looks like it. even through the Prov, it can be very grainy, without the ProV its horrible) Even on a TV station, there can be a very marked difference between the quality of different programmes (depending on the quality of gear they used to make them). This doesn't get too noticed on a 28" telly.

As far as DVDs go, CGI seem to give the best pictures - I haven't get to try Superbit DVDs yet. the likes of Shrek, Toy Story, The Mask, Monsters Inc or Ice Mountain really show off the projectors capabilities. Some older DVDs, or bargains (like Warner Bros current line up) can be a bit lacking in transfer - not poor as such, but lacking some fine detail.

Ever hear those words "why can't you just watch the movie ?" -
I was never really into AV for perfection or anything else - I just wanted a big screen to watch movies, and now I've got it. Yes I want the best pic Qual I can get for the money - but remember how much the AE100 costs, compared to a 100hz32" telly, and think which one you'd rather watch, or which one is going to make your mates/kids etc. say "WoW!".

Ooooops! Tiny rant ?

All the best

Sean G.

Greg Hook

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Thanks all for the replies.

I am very happy now with my current projector setup and your replies have saved me doing any more messing about with settings, software etc.



One word of warning. My HTPC and AE100 system was running perfectly until I updated the graphics driver one day and then the picture quality of movies went down the pan (very jagged edges). The PJ was set up pixel perfect with powerstrip. The windows desktop was perfect. It was just pants with movies.

I installed the older driver and all was A OK.

So .. it could be that you are suffering something like this and are unaware - as you are new to this. you'll know because you will see jagged edges on faces etc.


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One additional point about picture quality.

A few years back I had NTL cable boxes (Sky Analogue) in the bedroom and front room. The picture on the 21" Sony in the bedroom was great, but looked crap in the front room on the 41" RPTV Sony. I switched to Sky Digital (minidish) for the front room and the problem was solved.

Putting it simply the bigger the picture, the more obvious the flaws in the picture are.

Jumping forward in time to today, Sky still looks great on the 41" TV, but not very clever on the 10" screen using the AE100, even with the aid of a ProV.

Some DVDs look ace, other pants (Gosford Park for instance). On the whole the they look great, and it's cheaper than the cinema in the long run. :D

C'est la vie...

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