AE100 Owners - HCPC is the way to go !!


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I'm convinvced!!! I've had the Panny a few months now and very happy with it. I've been using a Pioneer DV535 via s-video into the PJ and was pleased. It depends alot on the transfer, but good transfers look good. I was also pleased with the fact that it had the ability to look better when I got 'round to it.

Anyway.....I got a laptop recently through work which has a Mobility Radeon card (don't know if its any good but Radeon seems to be talked alot about for HCPC). I loaded up Powerstrip and it took the Wide480 and 720 settings no problem. So I hooked it up to the Panny via VGA and ran a couple of disks.

First impression - seems pretty good, just a little smoother and clearer than s-vid. So tweaked some more and wow!! The difference seems quite subtle at first, but when you go back to s-video you really see it. It just looks cleaner, clearer and smoother. Also there is a "Natural" setting instead of "Cinema" in the picture menu that I think looks really nice.

Even the SE of Tombstone is reasonably watchable as it suffers badly from Edge Enhancement, as it doesn't look so bad on the laptop.

Anyway, if you have the chance try the HCPC route, give it some time, you'll love it. I can't comment about Prog,scan players but against S-vid (which is good) it is great.

Now I want a dedicated HCPC!! More money!!!

richard plumb

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I refuse to take my laptop home because I know a HCPC isn't a viable solution for me, and I don't want to be shown what I will not be able to use on a day to day basis.

It seems accepted that HCPC is the way to get the best picture, but I'm looking for the next best option which doesn't require a PC in my lounge.

Hopefully we'll hear more about that soon...


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I would agree with you, however it will just nag me now that I've "seen the light"!

I like the ease, convenience and quietness of my DVD player, not to mention multi-region and great sound. At the mo the laptop was an experiment, as it has no digital out for sound and is not multi-region. But as an indication it was great. I may use it on special occassions.

I'll probably do it in the future and build / buy a HCPC. I have a dedicated loft for HC so it'll fit ok in there. But a speaker package is priority at the moment - then we'll see.

Walter mitty

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hmmmmmm what DVD players are you comparing it with? I mean price wise...I use HTPC and admit it`s stunning but I also have a DVd player through S video and Prov equally stunning...

I was wondering if people are useing cheapo dvd players or decent ones like myself ? I paid £600 for mine, and I cant fault it.

I usually use my pc for back up disks and stuff such as Svcd`s or Divx disks. I always use my DVD player for original disks to get the full THX sound


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Originally posted by Walter mitty
I usually use my pc for back up disks and stuff such as Svcd`s or Divx disks. I always use my DVD player for original disks to get the full THX sound

What is the quality like when playing back divx movies? i've about 4-500 movies and was thinking of a AE100 for DVD/sky playback but if the quality is sufficient it would be great if i could view my divx's through the tv instead of on the TV.

Col H.

Walter mitty

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I have some poor Divx dvds and others that are absoutely stunning my downloaded ones are the worst, I suppose it depends where you get them from but I had some full movies off a friend and these were stunning dunno where he got them from tho, sorry


I've just managed to get my soundcard in my PC to output through my amp. A DVD player is going in it tonight and so I shall have a fully functioning HCPC by end of play today. I'm well looking forward to seeing the improvement over s-video/dvd player on my ptae100.

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