AE100 on a desk top?


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My wife tells me that she doesn't want the thing on the ceiling :(
So.....What I have to do is have a coffee tabel at the correct distance from the screen and alter the keystone.
I will run it using a HCPC.
Just want a bit of advice as to how much quality will I lose doing this?
I know I will have to trail a cable to the unit (hazardous)...
But if the old ball and chain don't want it up there then I can't do it
(Pass me the cheese :) )




I only use a keystone of -1 and dont notice any degradation but it does get worse the more you use.


Don't be put off by keystone correction.

I have to use -12 but the picture still looks great. I know the purists will argue that you need 0 keystone to get the best picture (I agree) but there isn't a great deal of difference in pic quality.

The main difference is that the pic won't be as big as using 0 keystone.


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I think the Panasonic will be fine on a coffee table, the lens projects the picture in an upwards direction anyway.I have mine mounted on a shelf about 1.2 m high and have had to raise the rear of the machine by about 40mm to get a picture that does not end up pointing at the ceiling.


IMO, there is absolutely no point in using a HTPC if your going to use keystone correction.

Any benefits derived from the 1:1 pixel mapping will be very quickly eroded by keystone.

For anyone who thinks keystone doesn't have any noticeable effect pn PQ, try using a PC @ 856x480 (Wide480) & display a windows desktop.

Now try even +1/-1 keystone :eek: :eek: :eek:

If you've tried this, trust me, you'll NEVER consider ANY digital correction again.

BTW, for me it's not just visible on desktop etc..., but VERY noticeable during DVD playback - & no, I'm not a purist, just aiming for the best PQ available from my AE-100.


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Hi Kramer

Is it really that noticeable? If so then I will have to find a way to persuade her to let me put it on the ceiling. After all I have a bracket that cost me £100. And a HCPC.
If it was a dedicated room then it wouldn't be a problem.
I was about to build a Cinema in my coverted garage but now we have to I won't have the money to carry out the conversion :(
It's funny you should mention windows desktop quality.
I had the projector flush with the screen and projected window in the correct ratio but it was wishy washy...i.e. it was in and out of focus in vertical strips? Even using the auto setup didn't shift them?


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