AE100 Keystone adjustment and minimum screen size?



Thinking of getting a Panasonic AE100 - how far off centre can I project (to avoid ceiling light with ceiling mounting) at 9 feet from screen?
If we need to offset by more than 3 feet to the right would we be better off with a Cinezza - as Sony make a big deal of it's Keystone correction abilities.

Also, how can I calculate the minimum screen size I can produce at 9 feet? I'm concerned that the projectors wide angle lens may mean that it has to be brought forward to project our desired 50" image.

Thanks a lot for in advance for any advice.


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I think the cineza would be a good choice.
The AE100 only keystones in a vertical direction and not horizontal...I think.
I will have a similar problem because I may have to put my AE on a coffee table and adjust the keystone to match.
I know that the Cineza is suitable for placing the unit off centre.
The picture quality that I saw on demo looked pretty good too.



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ae100 only has vertical keystone - you can use the calc given in the user manual to work out distances/screen sizes - around page 50ish but I can't remember the calc

you can get hold of the manual from the av-sales website as a pdf document

You should be able to get a 6ft wide image at that distance though I have mine at around that distance


Thanks for the advice guys, looks like I'll be waiting for the new HS2 at around £1300, the HS10 is out of my budget at £2200?. I couldn't get hold of a manual .pdf though, so I still don't know if the 50 inch screen (acceptable to my partner) is producable from a corner of the room ceiling mount, 14 feet away from the screen. If the minimum size is much larger than that I'll have some convincing to do!...
Does it sound likely?

richard plumb

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are you viewing from quite close? I'm just curious why you are looking for a front projector but only want to project at 50"? You could get that, or at least close, with a rear projection set, which could be more suitable.


We're viewing from about 11 feet away. The whole project is really in answer to my partner who wants to get rid of our gigantic old Sony CRT which hogs a corner of the room. No problem I said, we'll get a plasma. But as we all know a decent quality plasma is over £4000 plus fitting costs. So I looked in to projectors. With a ceiling mounted screen in front of the fire place, and a pj ceiling mounted (or on a high shelf) in the back corner of the room, we get the corner back. And I get a great little home cinema.

Only downside is, her indoors wants the screen to be tucked up behind a 'nice wooden pelmet' the same width as the chimney breast. Not having a screen to hand and after some rough calculations I thought it best to get a pj capable of throwing a 50" image. If I can squeeze in a bigger screen I will. Should still be able to stay this side of £2000 even with all the cables and other costs.

A rear projector TV would have to go in the corner...

richard plumb

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If you are planning it as a complete TV replacement, then you might find a projector poor in a brightly lit room. You might get away with a high lumens one, made for office presentations and the like, but you might end up getting another TV at some point too. Doesn't have to be as big of course.

Walter mitty

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Can you not get it lower than the light but central to the screen?


we have to have the couch back against the wall. Putting the projector any lower would have it just above our heads.

I have thought of having a pair of room lights spaced either side of centre, but this adds to the already considerable cost of having wires concealed. I'm no DIY fanatic, so the corner of the room looks easier and less 'obtrusive'

In an ideal world the pj would slide down out of the ceiling...
Dream on Gareth!

Thanks for all the suggestions :D

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I used to have some keystone on my AE100. It has a detrimental effect on focus. I adjusted mine and the clarity improved in leaps and bounds. I now have no keystone adjustment on mine at all, and it makes a world of difference.

My advice is to somehow get your pj set up perfectly, if possible.

It'll be worth the effort.

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