AE100 + HCPC owners - Please help..


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I'm planning a HCPC to run for my AE-100, and I would like to ask other AE-100 owners with HCPC's to state which Graphics cards are known to accept 856x480 from Powerstrip.

I'm using a laptop at the moment with ATI Rage Mobility graphics - it'll do 848X480 which is recognised by the AE100 as W480, but it leaves a border of unused pixels around the image.

This picture is superior to XGA, and certainly much better that DVD via an Svideo cable, but I want the real McCoy, so I'm planning a purpose built machine. Other posts have mentioned ATI Radeon 7500 and upwards, but I would really appreciate if other members could indicate which card they are using.

I am also curious to know if a PCI based GeForce would accept the appropriate settings from Powerstrip - see related post here...


Sean G.


Greetings from Finland!

I used to have a Geforce2 GTS. Now I'm using Radeon 7200. Both cards work great, outputting AE100 native resolution via PowerStrip, without any special monitor.inf files.

To anyone having problems with achieving AE100 native resolution, double-check this thread:

It contains excellent, easy to understand instructions on how to set the correct 856x480 mode for AE100.

And for the more experienced user, here are some instructions as typed by Li On:



I use a Geforce 3 (Creative Labs) Ti 200 which works perfectly. I have also tested a Geforce 4 Ti4200 Platinum. Also perfect.

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