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I had been using a £6 Ikea 14" TV wall bracket to mount my Panny PT-AE100 on the back wall.

I'd been using the bracket the usual way up and as a result had -12 keystone (projector is desk mode). Not good, so I have decided to turn the bracket upside down and suspend the projector underneath.

I just need to drill 4 holes and attach the projector using screws.

Anyone know what size screws I should get????
If you do a search for ae100 brackets or mounts you will find a few posts which mention the screws needed.
Better pour yourself a drink m8 its gonna be a long night :D :p
I'm not fastening to the ceiling. I'm fastening the underside on my bracket to my projector.

It's like an adaptor plate. I don't think bolts are needed.

The underside of the Panasonic AE100 has five threaded bushes. The central one is for a tripod when mounting the projector right-side-up. The four outer ones are for use with a mounting plate and the projecter inverted, in exactly the situation you describe.

These bushes are designed to take bolts; putting screws in them won't do your projector very much good at all. You'll also need nuts and washers, of course, for vertical adjustments.

I think that the thread size is 4mm, but I can't recall for sure; which is why I suggest you check amongst the existing threads. There are some excellent description and photos of various DIY mounts that people have put together.

Cheers Bert,

I'm not building a mount, just adapting my existing one.

I think a trip to B&Q is in order when I get my projector back. It's been away for 5 weeks (and counting) for repair. Argh!!!
- Warning

Be very carefull when you screws those 4mm screws in the AE100, don't go deeper than 1/4 inch inside the machine. If you screw until it stops, you will kill your ae100! There is nothing protecting the guts of the ae100 from those 4 ceiling mount holes.

Check "red led of death" for more info.

Hope this helps anyone with a AE100!

Take care,
Just to confirm the bolt size is 4mm.
The thread is 4mm OD which will be sold as M4

this is a standard metric thread designation. I would recommend that you buy twice as many as you need (8) then you can use the 2 nuts above and below the (bracket in your case) thin you are fixing to. turning these allow some degree of micro adjustment to the positioning of the pj.

There is nothing more annoying once everything is mounted than having the pj off centre / at an angle on your screen:mad: I must have sent 2 hrs for each ae100 I have had (3) sorting this out.

Good luck


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