AE100 best picture and sound = Denon 2800Mk2

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First sorry to see AE100 threads about faults and returns, very frustrating but stick with it I'm on my second and it's just past 500Hrs touch wood.

I took delivery of my new DENON 2800MK2 DVD player from creative audio with the new dealer approved firmware that gives multiregion,RCE, 525p(NTSC) and 625p(PAL) yesterday.

Despite what the AE100 manual says and what you might read about HTPC's the picture quality through component o/p of 525p and 625p from the Denon is the best I've seen on my AE100, the picture is smoother, more filmlike with no loss of sharpness or detail - it has to be seen to be believed.

I origonally went the HTPC route with Theatretek, Radeon, Maudio card etc - but I could never get the sound satisfactory.

No matter what you may read on the forums all digital outs are not created equal, use your ears, there is an obvious difference in quality between the digital out of my old Tosh DVD player and the maudio SPDIF out. There is an equal leap in quality from the digital out of the Tosh to my new Denon player, clarity atmosphere, effortless control, power a complete involving experience which adds enourmously to the big screen experience.

To sum up the Denon with new firmware at around £649 is in my humble opinion the best way to go if you own an AE100.

Note: To jump on the bandwagon against Techtronics they have been trying to flog the Pioneer 747 as the only PAL progressive scan dvd - it's a good £400-£500 player but to charge nearly £1,000 after VAT to modify it is daylight robbery.

Happy viewing

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