AE100 625p ?


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After spending what seemed an eternity on the Panasonic customer support (!) number, I was put through to tech helpdesk and assured that the AE100 does NOT accept a PAL progressive scan signal.
There has been quite a bit of talk on here regarding this, I recall someone saying that had seen 625p on their OSD.
You would think that what the guy from Panasonic said was correct; although he did come over as a rather unhelpful person.
I may be in the market for a PAL P/S DVD player in the near future and wonder if anyone can supply a definitive answer as to whether the AE100 can or cannot do 625p.


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Panasonic do not even know their own products :rolleyes:
I had it working for a while with a crappy Lecson player which I no longer have.
You only get 625p from componant input, if you try to do it via the vga port it comes up svga.
Have a read here
There were some photo's of the AE100 menu showing 625p but I cannot find them now. :confused:

All we need now is a good low cost player to offer pal progressive.


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It has been reorted you may have lipsinc problems with pal progressive with the AE100, I did slightly with the Lecson, and it has also been reported that the Denon 2800 suffers this problem with the AE100.
Read here


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the panny does accept pal prog. i have a phillips Q50 hooked up to mine (from hivizone)

also i've never seen any problems with lipsinc



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yep, another yes for pal progressive here - saw it up and running at the mini-shootout some months back, using the imported phillips 962a (i think thats the model number)

looked stunning

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