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AE wifi internet radio mains adapter problems


Standard Member
I wonder if anyone can help me with this. I have an AE17-16B wifi internet radio which I bought about 3 years ago, and the mains adapter has given up the ghost. AE themselves diagnosed the problem by email - it seems to be not unusual - and invited me to buy a replacement adapter from their sales office.

However, I'm reluctant to do this, for four reasons: (a) they never answer the phone or return my calls (b) I have a perfectly good multi-adapter already (c) I want to give it to a friend in France and so do not really want one with a UK mains plug - and most importantly (d) I don't want to buy their own adapter if it is no better than the one which has broken down on me!

Their manual just tells me that only their adapter is good enough and I shouldn't risk using anything else. I have heard that line a few times... Anyway, my question is, if I am right in thinking that one adapter is much like another, does anyone know which mains polarity the AE uses? The manual of course does not say, and I don't want to fry it by getting this wrong.

BTW I am a complete tyro about this so will not take it amiss if I am shot down in flames - I'd rather look an idiot than not find out what I should be doing.

Many thanks.


Active Member
There is almost certainly nothing special about the AE mains adaptor. Probably a switchmode stabilised adaptor. These types of adaptors are made in vast quanties in China. Electronic Suppliers sell many different types of these adaptors, try Rapid or Maplin.

However, before you can buy one you need to find out a certain amount of information.

The voltage - 12V DC or similar

The current rating - 1200mA for example. Note a slightly higher current rating is fine, a lower rating could lead to overheating and early failure, in the worse case it might not even work.

The size of the plug.

The polarity of the plug, the wrong polarity could destroy the radio.

Try looking on the existing adaptor to see if any of this information is shown - often on a very small label that is difficult to read.

Otherwise someone with the same radio and adaptor, could measure the voltage and polarity with a multimeter.


Standard Member
Thanks for your help, Grumpsimus. The voltage is 7.5v DC and my adapter is the right size. The radio is rated 1.3A - I'm not sure whether you mean the adapter should be rated at more or less than this - and the only symbol I do not understand is alongside the voltage and is a long horizontal bar with three shorter lines in sequence underneath it. Does this indicate the polarity? Because this is what I really need to find out about. Anyway, I am grateful for this and any other help I get!


Active Member
The adaptor should be rated at 1.3A (also shown as 1300mA) or more not less.

I have no idea what the lines mean. Polarity on the plug is usual shown by a symbol something this (- + indicating that the centre of the plug is positive.

This AE model is based on the reciva board. I found a reference on the internet that the AE mains adaptor is 7.5V at 1.3A with the centre pin being positive. I can't of course guarantee that this is correct, but worth a try. The link is:



Standard Member
Again, thanks. The activa post has the ring of truth, so I will leave it 24 hours (just in case anyone disagrees!) and then try it.

I have learnt (as I should have known) that the symbol I tried to describe just means DC; I have looked everywhere on the unit for one of the standard polarity symbols, but it ain't there. It may have been on the original adapter, of course, but I think I must foolishly have chucked that as soon as I realised it was broken: I have enough obsolete kit lying around without hanging on to stuff that has ceased to function! Anyway, I think you have given me the right answer, and I'm grateful.

Cable Monkey

Well-known Member
The symbol indicates that the supply needs to be DC. All the ones I have access to are fixed line over broken line positive centre conductor. I can't find a neg centre conductor to see if the symbol changes.


Standard Member
Thank you both for your help. The good news is that the power supply is now absolutely OK. The bad news is that the wretched thing is stuck in an "initialising" loop (more info via a well-known search engine if anyone is interested), but thanks to your directing me to the Reciva forums, I think I may be able to deal with that, or at least get a techie teenager to. In strictly economic terms I should clearly just have binned the unit, but I'm too mean to do that unless there is no option. All in all, and given what I've read on the Reciva forums, I don't think I'll be buying more AE products any time soon. (I hope it's OK for me to say that). Thanks again guys - this is a great resource.

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