AE-100 dead pixel query

Greg Hook

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I am looking around at the moment for the Panasonic PT-AE100 projector.

I have read a lot of posts on this forum about problems with dead pixels etc.

What exactly does this mean?

When you look at the image projected does it mean there is a particular area which stays one colour?



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There is loads of info on dead and stuck pixels on these forums. These are not the only problems that can occur however!


Dead pixels are normally ones where the pixel appears black or dead.

Open or stuck pixels are normally characterized as ones which have a constant bright colour (one of either R, G or B)

Apparently there are reports of these faults happening intermittently or only above certain threshold levels of intensity - however in most peoples experience they are permanently the same. I also think that they nearly always occur at manufacture or very shortly afterwards - they are not a sign of the lcd panels deteriorating etc!

Dead ones are far easier to live with than stuck, open pixels but can be annoying. Obviously where they fall on the screen will also play a part in how intrusive they are. Most manufacturers will have a level of pixel failure they deem acceptable (but retailers often go beyond this) unfortunately it seems that often the manufacturer and the end users expectations differ...

If you are worried about this then
1) Get the pj from a retialer that will let you see it running first
2) Consider that I have 'used' 4 ae100s and none have had any pixel problems


Greg Hook

Moderator & Reviewer
Excellent. Very Helpful.

Thanks for the reply Tim.



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It is rare for pixels in LCD devices to fail during use. Invariably, they are bad from new. If you intend to buy such a device, my recommendation is to buy one from a place where you can evaluate your projector before you take it away.

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